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Ode to the E Chord (Harvey Reid) (Disc 1 Track 14)

Hey everybody, gonna sing a song
Just a little story, now don't get me wrong
I'm just a guy trying to get by
I don't buy the big lie about the pie in the sky
I just wanna enjoy myself now you understand
I don't want to live or die a bored man
I go to the mall, I buy a lot of stuff
I watch football but it's just ain't enough
I grab my charge card, charge across the front yard
Jump in my car, cruise past the corner bar
Blast right past the fast food strip
With a jones in my bones, like a radar blip
Voice in my head said "go man go"
And I walked right through the door of a music store

I said I need a guitar, but I don't want junk
I like Johnny Cash & Willie, no punk
Maybe some Dylan, some Creedence or Prine
Dude says I got just the thing in mind
It's not expensive and it ain't real slick
But it plays real nice and it comes with a pick
So I got me a guitar and it sounds good
It's got a nice case and it's made of real wood
So right away I figured I guess I need a book
Maybe one for dummies --I go to take a look
When up to me walks a wise old man
He took a look at the books I had in my hand
Said "Don't waste your dough- don't torture yourself
Run and put the books right back on the shelf
Son you don't need a teacher you don't need a blackboard
Sit right down I'm gonna show you the E chord" (2)

I don't care if it's right or wrong
I just bang on my guitar all day long
You highbrow types might think I'm a jerk
But life is too short to make music into work
I bang on my guitar till my fingers hurt
Till the neighbor complains and I sweat through my shirt
Yeah BB's got the blues and Snoop's got the rhymes
I just wanna bang on this guitar of mine
Run and tell Eric Clapton I'm no threat yet
I'm banging on my strings and fretting on my frets
Email, eBay, it's a e-mess we're headin' towards
I'm in my crib off the grid banging on a E chord
I played E minor and I like E7
But E is the first chord that they teach you in heaven
Diddy wah diddy hey hey hey
Maybe tomorrow I'll try to learn A
It's diddy wah diddy and hey hey hey
Maybe tomorrow I'm gonna learn A

And when I get a record deal and I go to record
I'm gonna count to three and play me the E chord
I'll tour across the land with a smoking hot band
I'll still play this chord just watch my left hand
When I go on the late night show
I'll look real sharp, and joke like a pro
But watch me real close when you see me on the TV
Very first chord I play is gonna be the E
I'll be mobbed my fans with my movie star lover
Rolling Stone gonna put me on the cover
I'll get rave reviews probably get a grammy
And I'll thank my agent and I'll thank my mammy
But when I stand up to accept my award
Most of all I'm gonna thank the E chord (2)

When I get old and my time ain't long
I'll be banging on my guitar and singing my song
Just before I go to my final reward
I'll say Lord just let me play one more E chord
Just before I go to my final reward
I'll say Lord just let me play one more E chord

©2007 by Harvey Reid


© 2007 The Song Train