The Song Train
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Little Maggie

as sung by Harvey Reid & Joyce Andersen on "The Song Train"

Yonder stands little maggie
With a dram glass in her hand
She's drinking away(down) her troubles
Courtin' (foolin') another man

Sometimes I have a nickel
Sometimes I have a dime
Sometimes I have ten dollars
For(just to) to pay little Maggie's fine

Lay down your last gold dollar
Lay down your gold watch and chain
Little Maggie's gonna dance for daddy
Listen to that old banjo ring

Pretty flowers wer made for blooming
Pretty stars were made to shine
Pretty women were made for loving
Little Maggie was made for mine

But she's marching down to the station
Got a suitcase in her hand
She's going for to leave me
She's bound for some far distant land

Go away go away little Maggie
Go and do the best you can
I'll get me another woman
You can get you another man

Well the last time I seen little Maggie
She was sittin' by the banks of the sea
Had a 45 strapped around her shoulder
And a banjo on her knee

I'd rather be in some old lonesome holler
Where the sun don't ever shine
Than to see her be another man's darling
And no longer a darling of mine

Tell me how can I ever stand it
Just to see those two blue eyes
They're shining like a diamond
A diamond in the sky

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