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Welcome to The Song Train

This is the official web site for "The Song Train" by Harvey Reid & Joyce Andersen, published by Woodpecker Multimedia.

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A PDF download version of the beautiful Song Train book is now available for sale if you have only the digital music files but not the physical package.

The Song Train is available in audio form on iTunes, plus dozens of other legal digital download services, though the content of the book is not available there. These include Amazon, CD Baby, eMusic, Rhapsody, CD Baby, Spotify, Napster, MySpace, Liquid Digital, Verizon, Shockhound, Nokia, LastFM, Zune, MediaNet, Tradebit, GreatIndie, Limewire, and ThumbPlay. Now you can buy or listen to all 56 songs! You of course can't get the beautiful color hardback book, but it's great to have the music available for all the world to hear.

There is a nice plug for the Song Train in August 2015 No Depression magazine, by Ed Maxin.

Acoustic Guitar Magazine published an extensive teaching article about the Song Train that generated a huge amount of interest and new fans. The online article may still be up... Read the complete unedited interview here.

Exciting news!

Harvey Reid's newest guitar education discovery shines a new light on the Song Train. The new guitar "enviroment" called Liberty Tuning makes it another level easier to play the great songs in the Song Train. This new book shows how you can adjust your guitar in a few seconds to play all 56 of the two-chord songs with simple 2-finger chords. Beginning guitar has never been so easy or sounded so good.

Reid & Andersen are very respected acoustic musicians who created this remarkable project as their 4th collaboration recording. A 4-CD "boxed set" with an 80-page color hardback book, it is Reid's 20th recording, and Andersen's 8th.

This web site is devoted to explaining what "The Song Train" is, and to supporting its mission with extra information, reviews, audio and video, lyrics, chord charts, advice, comments, questions & answers, and whatever else makes sense to include.

"The Song Train" was created by musicians to help people who would like to play more music, and to illuminate the path and to inspire and guide those who feel like they can enrich their lives with some home-made music.

This 56-song set and book are a collection of 1 and 2-chord songs, arranged and performed with just an acoustic guitar to drive them. They span a cross-section of American music, and are designed for anyone who wants to play music. The Song Train is not lessons or instruction, and there are no pre-requisites. Some of the songs are so easy that they can be performed with just one finger of the left hand! The list of artists who recorded at least one of these songs is truly staggering. So if you think that you should be able to bang out a few songs on a guitar and have a good time, you are probably right, and there is finally a resource to guide you. Grab a guitar and get on board the train...


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