The Song Train
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Lyrics for The Song Train

as sung by Harvey Reid & Joyce Andersen on "The Song Train"

Some of this information may be only for owners of "The Song Train." For your password you may be asked a question whose answer can be found on a page of the book.

Please note that the only lyrics available here are for songs written by Reid & Andersen or for public domain and traditional songs. You are on your own locating lyrics for the 28 or so copyrighted songs recorded on the album. You can copy them down yourself by listening to the CD or you can try to do a web search, though you will likely find many incorrect lyrics when you do that. We may offer chord charts for these songs as PDF files that you can print out.

Black Jack Davy (Trad.)
Bound For The Promised Land (Trad.)
Bright Morning Stars (Trad.)
Buffalo Skinners (Trad.)
Far End Of Summer (David Francey)
Handsome Molly (Trad.)
Jack O’ Diamonds Blues (Trad.)
John Henry (Trad.)
Joshua Fit the Battle (Trad.)
Little Birdie (Trad.)
Little Maggie (Trad.)
Moonshiner’s Blues (Harvey Reid)
My Horses Ain’t Hungry (Trad.)
Ode To The E Chord (Harvey Reid)
Oh Death (Trad.)
Old Blue (Trad.)
Old Man at the Mill (Trad.)
Roving Gambler (Trad.)
Rye Whiskey (Trad.)
Simple Gifts (Trad.)
Single Girl Married Girl (Trad.)
Sinner Man (Trad.)
The Cuckoo (Trad.)
The Hills Of Roane County (Trad.)
When Your Troubles Are Like Mine (Tara Nevins/ Trad.)
Where The Soul Never Dies (Trad.)
Wild Bill Jones (Trad.)
Willie Moore (Trad.)



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