The Song Train
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Reviews of The Song Train

"A timeless collection of sounds and images, it's destined to become a classic in the folk and acoustic music world. The level of creativity embodied within the book is simply astonishing. With its beautifully recorded songs, historic photos, insightful essays, and cool guitar instruction, The Song Train offers a deeply satisfying experience for the ears, eyes, and imagination. And, of course, the music on the four discs is outstanding. Harvey and Joyce have a magic touch, a way of making both traditional and contemporary music come alive.

While trends come and go, and hip new bands become yesterday's news, The Song Train will continue to roll along..."  ANDY ELLIS (Guitar Player Magazine)

"...the classiest "how-to" guitar book we've seen, for beginners and players both."  ELDERLY INSTRUMENTS "

Joyce and Harvey, I want to send a brief note of appreciation for your work putting Song Train together. I bought Song Train, and handed it over to the woman who has organized a very informal open mic night. Families come in, people play scrabble, older friends bring cupcakes. There is a growing group of regulars, both music makers and listeners. We have been joined by a pianist who can now only use one hand, but his playing is impressive. A few people have written their own songs and several of us have learned them and perform them as a band.

So here we are, not musicians like you two, but average people of varying skill levels and musical gifts, making music, providing a pleasant, very low cost night out for families and individuals, making friends, and having fun. Song Train sits upon the piano in full view when it is not being used for inspiration. Thanks again! Raye

"I just keep getting more and more from The Song Train. Its appeal continues to grow in my circle and my family...your method of starting with one and two chord songs has helped my progress in music more than anything else. "

Tom (Ventura, California)

"...the album is a sensory delight, both to read and to listen to... It is a beautifully packaged collection of wonderful versions of wonderful songs that showcases the range of material and quality of musicianship that defines the best of American folk music in this early part of the 21st century." JOHN WEINGART WPRB Radio

First found this book at San Diego - Deering Banjo
Listened to it on my trip back to Colorado Springs --Fantastic resource and music
Gave it away so have to get another MIKE B. Colorado

Just received The Song Train. Played along with it for the first time last night. Couldn't be more excited about it. It might get me out of being stuck with learning to play guitar (which I've been for some 20 years now). MIKE L. California

"...beautifully conceived and produced"  MIKE SEEGER

"...What a beautiful project... it's just stunning, classy, beautiful, monumental. My hat is off for the achievement and the concept... it's worthy of awards"  DAN CRARY

"You guys really nailed it to the wall. It's absolutely incredible..."  BRYAN BOWERS


"I have received your book and CD’s, and want to take a minute to thank you for what you do.

As a young boy in Gainesville Fl, my neighbor tried to show me the E chord on an old steel string – it hurt so bad I quit. But an interest in the instrument had begun. I played my Dad’s old trumpet through high school and even enrolled in music school at FSU in Tallahassee - 1975.

They intimidated me so much with the academic approach to music that I instantly became discouraged and dropped out after two semesters. I had bought a used Martin 00-16c in 1973 and kept it around – picking only by myself at night before going to bed. Still feeling that whatever I tried probably was wrong, or “technically incorrect” – thanks to the instructors at FSU, I didn’t want anyone to hear me. I never pick in front of other people.

I have worked back and forth across the north Gulf Coast – spending time on the oil rigs in LA and small towns back and forth along I-10 between Texas and Pensacola, where I lived for a number of years. I have been back here in SW Fl – between Naples and Miami, for 20 years. Still feeling that I most likely, am just not cut out to pick the guitar.

I am semi-retired now and decided to give it a concerted effort again last summer, and bought the Taylor and a couple of music books, yes, “for dummies” too!

Those books are back on the shelf where they belong and you book will never leave the table next to my guitar from now on.

I can’t begin to tell you how much it has meant to me to read this book and begin to work through some of it. It felt as if you were speaking directly to me, and addressing my frustrations with the instrument – there must be thousands of others out there just like me.

You have concisely presented a synopsis of American folk music combined with a wonderful philosophy of guitar instruction that can be adopted by anyone – despite their education or cultural background. I embraced it immediately. It is as if a light has come on in a dark room after 30 years.

This friendly, and kind, body of work should be given to anyone beginning to learn the guitar. They can always go learn classical or flamenco later on if they like! I wonder where I would be now if I had your book 25 years ago……….. at least now I am confident that some day soon, I will be able to sit down with some of the local bluegrass folk and join in the picking!

I can’t repay what you have done for me – but if there is ever anything I can do for you or your family, let me know.  BOB F.


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